darbywood Airedales

Airedale Terriers in Middleton, WI Jean Surfus

Jersey & Prince Litter born 3/28/3020
10 Puppies; 5 Males. 5 Females
A singleton puppy, Ms. Lime Green, whose mother from our other litter, does not have enough milk will be raised by Jersey with Jersey's 10 pups.   Ms. Lime Green will be wearing a lime green collar.
5 Weeks Old & Loving it Outside!
May 1, 2020  Playing outside now!! Life is Good!!
4 Weeks Old Already!! Time to leave the box & start puppy food.
Three Weeks Old.  Eyes open now.
April 13, 2020   2 weeks old
April 7, 2020  10 days old.  Ms. Lime Green 8 days old
April 4, 2020    One week old Babies. Ms. Lime Green only 5 Days Old
March 31, 2020
Here is a picture showing all 11 puppies.
One day old